Myths About PDR


  • Dents cannot be repaired by dry ice and a blow dryer.
  • Dent will remove itself or pop out in the hot sun.
  • The suction cup will remove my dent. This will remove most of some dents; however, it would still need to be ­finished up by Paintless Dent Repair Dents just “pop out”.
  • This is not what happens when we repair a dent. The dent is massaged out from the backside using sometimes hundreds of tiny pushes to remove even a small dent/ding. 
  • The paint will come out at the dent. The properly performed repair will not result in this happening.
  • Dents will come back. If a dent is repaired properly this will not happen.
  • However, if you have a larger stretched dent that should have not been a good candidate for Paintless Dent Repair, it may oil can.

Will my hail damage claim make my insurance rates go up?

No, hailstorms are considered a catastrophic event or an act of nature. The damage is covered under your comprehensive coverage.

What happens if I choose NOT to get my vehicle repaired?

Most insurance companies are obligated to put an unrelated prior damage restriction on your policy. This means any future claims will be denied until your hail damage is repaired. Also, you are in breach of your contract with your lienholder if your vehicle is not repaired and brought back to value. This also lowers the value of your automobile when selling or trading it in. Having a loan on your vehicle requires that you repair your automobile. This is especially true for leased automobiles. When you turn in the vehicle after the lease is up, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs at that time.

My insurance company says I need an inspection at one of their shops, is this correct?

Not True, you can choose a shop of your choice.

My insurance company told me that you are not one of their Approved Repair Facilities or Direct Repair Program (DRP) shops. Can you still repair my car?

Yes, we can still repair your vehicle! There are no known standalone Paintless Dent Repair companies that are a part of any insurance companies’ Direct Repair Program (DRP). We are not affiliated with any insurance companies. Our company’s focus is to work for the client instead of giving discounts to specific insurance companies. We work with all insurance carriers. All you must do is tell your adjuster that you have made your choice to have your car repaired at Nav Auto1, and one of our trained insurance coordinators will take it from there. We can handle all communications and further inspections with your insurance company.

Do you need to see my car to write an estimate?

Absolutely yes. To write a proper and accurate estimate we need to physically inspect the vehicle. The vehicle must be clean and inside the shop with lights designed specifically for Paintless Dent Repair. Pictures usually do not provide the level of detail we need to correctly write an estimate. I received an estimate from you but the insurance company wrote a lower estimate, why? Most adjusters write a simple initial estimate. It’s our responsibility to ensure that all the necessary repairs are complete. Before you make your decision, you can bring in your copy of the insurance estimate and we can review them together and determine the differences.


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