Nav Auto1 is a BG Service Center

We use BG chemicals to perform all flushes on vehicles. We have the latest in equipment directly from BG and are fully trained in house by BG.

Automatic Transmission Service

We have the most advanced transmission fluid exchange system available on the market. Traditionally when servicing your transmission, a drain bolt or the pan is removed to allow for the removal of the transmission fluid. This method will usually remove anywhere from 4-5 liters of fluid. Most transmission systems are a total of 10-12 QTS. Our fluid exchanger will cycle out the entire quantity of fluid in your transmission system after using a cleaning agent from BG to remove accumulated deposits, usually for a lesser cost than the traditional service. We employ the BG PXT Performance Exchange System, including onboard fluid pressure and capacity metering, and additive procedures to guarantee a proper service. Most of our clients have reported a significant difference in the vehicle’s shift quality after this service is completed.

Traditional Port Fuel Injection Service

A BG fuel injection service will effectively clean your fuel injectors with a special apparatus tied to your fuel rail. We have successfully cleared heavily clogged injectors with this system bringing back fuel economy and resolving engine misfires. BG fuel injection system cleaner is a specially formulated blend of solvents that will quickly, effectively, and safely clean fuel injectors and help remove upper engine deposits by “pre-soaking” rock-hard valve deposits before using a BG air induction cleaning.

Traditional Intake Tract Carbon Removal Service

The BG air induction cleaning solution and apparatus will safely inject a potent chemical down your vehicle’s intake to dissolve then burn off carbon deposits from the throttle body, intake, and valves. For maximum cleaning use in conjunction with the Traditional Port Fuel Injection Service.

Direct Fuel Injection Service (Carbon Build-Up Removal)

We employ the latest BG Chemical technology to clean your intake valves using a mist sprayer directly into your vehicle’s throttle body. In combination with BG 44k fuel additive to clean direct injectors from the inside out. Done every 15,000 miles during scheduled oil services will avoid paying high parts and labor costs involved with the “Walnut Blasting” method to clean carbon build-up from intake valves and replacement direct injectors.

BG EPR / MOA Engine Oil Service

EPR (Engine Performance Restoration) engine oil cleaner softens and dissolves hard-to-remove deposits from piston rings and cleans micro passageways to maintain the critical hydraulic function of valve train components actuators and turbochargers. MOA Engine Oil Supplement forties protect against high heat, premature and hard-to-remove deposits by preventing oxidation and thickening of engine oil under even the most severe stop-and-go, high-temperature driving conditions.

BG Coolant Flush Service

The flush begins with BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner to remove built-up scale, oil, and harsh mineral deposits to reduce the cooling system’s effectiveness. It also removes tough residues caused by oil fouling and coolant inhibitor breakdown. Followed with a system drain and refill with new coolant to match OE spec. Finally, the system cycles in BG Universal Super Cool, which protects against foaming, corrosion and restores critical coolant additive balance and coolant pH to extend the coolant system’s life.

Power Steering Cleaning Service

BG Quick Clean for Power Steering cleans contaminants from the power steering system quickly and safely. Installed by a professional, it removes deposits from power steering pumps, lines, racks, and valves. Followed with either BG Universal Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is formulated to benefit all power steering systems. It offers superb performance in extreme temperatures, not thinning in hot weather nor thickening in the cold. Special anti-wear agents help prevent abrasion

of spool valve housings and other components. Powerful antioxidants inhibit the fluid breakdown and extend useful life and lubricity of the fluid, and seal conditioners keep seals pliable, preventing fluid leaks. BG Power Clean is a high-quality synthetic blend power steering fluid. It is a specially formulated, professional-use product that features ingredients not found in ordinary power steering fluids. With anti-wear agents to prevent damage to the spool valve housing and other components and antioxidants to prevent fluid breakdown, BG Power Clean extends fluid life.


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