The principals at Nav Auto1 have been offering quality aviation services in the Denver front range area since 2010. We service general aviation facilities in Metro Denver and surrounding airfields. Nav Auto1 provides professional aircraft detailing services to all aircraft, large and small. Our fully mobile capabilities allow us to provide all our services at your location and on your schedule.


Trip-Ready Aircraft Cleaning and Detail Our trip-ready service ensures that the aircraft is ready for the next flight and is highly presentable to your passengers. All visibly soiled exterior surfaces are lightly cleaned and wiped down. All interior surfaces, hard and soft, are wiped clean with the appropriate cleaner. Lavatory and alley areas are cleaned and sanitized. All interior items (pillows, blankets, magazines, seat belts, etc.) are organized. Lastly, the cabin entry and cockpit are detailed.

Exterior Detailing Services: Wet Wash

This is our most popular wash technique due to our clients’ many environmental challenges operating overseas and in cold weather and coastal climate. Our wet wash technique ensures that the entire exterior of the aircraft is spotless and soil-free. The aircraft is dry and spot-free when complete.

Dry Wash:

Our environmentally friendly dry wash technique completely cleans the entire exterior of the aircraft without water use. This is a very popular option for clients based at airports with environmental restrictions that do not allow for wet washing.

Exterior Wax Application:

Our wax application service reveals a high-gloss finish on all exterior painted surfaces. Regular wax applications keep the aircraft looking great and protect the paint by providing a barrier to environmental contaminants such as UV rays, soot, acid rain, salt, etc. Aviation grade waxes are proven to extend the paint’s life when applied regularly greatly, and we offer both standard grade waxes and premium Teon wax treatments.

Paint Revitalization:

Our paint revitalization process restores old and faded paint to the original gloss and finish of a new paint job. We remove oxidation, staining, and embedded contaminants from the paint surface to reveal a glossy and polished finish. After restoring the paint, we highly recommended that the surface be sealed using either Flight Shield or Permagard to protect the newly polished surface. For those looking to extend an existing paint job’s service life, this process is a great alternative to the high cost of repainting a plane.

Brightwork Metal Polishing:

Polishing brightwork is a highly technical process that few companies offer, and even fewer have mastered. Getting that “liquid mirror” look is truly an art, and achieving that result is one of our specialties. Leading edges, engine inlets, thrust reversers, and propeller spinners are polished to a mirror finish. Even minor scratches can be removed. Our process leaves a swirl-free, flawless finish that looks great under any lighting conditions.

De-Ice Boot Refurbishment:

Our 3-step process of stripping, conditioning, and sealing pneumatic de-ice boots restores them to a high-gloss shine while offering long-lasting protection. Regular de-ice boot service treatments keep the boots looking their best and extend their service life.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning:

Our cleaning and conditioning service is the best way to maintain your new leather look, feel, and color. Regular cleaning and conditioning will prolong the life and look of leather surfaces for years to come.

Dry Cleaning:

Our dry-cleaning process deep cleans and sanitizes carpeting and upholstery without steam or water, which can be damaging to certain materials. A major benefit to dry cleaning is that carpets and upholstery are dry upon completion, which avoids many traditional extraction methods.

Lavatory and Galley Sanitation:

Our cleaning and sanitation services help ensure your passengers’ health and safety from spoiled food and biological contaminants. We also o-er a full complete decontamination service for recirculated blue water lav systems. This process breaks down and removes accumulated debris from the tank and lines and eliminates strong odors for an unpleasant lavatory environment.


Starting @ $335 / per ft.


  • Wash and dry exterior.
  • Clean and polish all stainless railings and trim.
  • Buff rub rails, stern, and hull of the boat with “compound” to restore the shine & gloss and remove medium to heavy oxidation.
  • Polish to remove swirls.
  • Apply Aircraft UV Wax.


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